Staff Sgt. Robert Bales – Bales Afghan massacre (2012)

July 15, 2015 by PsychDrugShooters

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Staff Sgt. Robert Bales (Bales Afghan massacre, 2012) – slipped out of a combat outpost twice in a single night on March 11, 2012 while serving in the Afghanistan war and murdered 16 innocent unarmed Afghan civilians, most of which were women and children. Six others were wounded. Bales, 38-years-old at the time of the killings, showed signs of mental deterioration as his moods changed drastically from happy to angry.

His toxicology report showed traces of the steroid stanozolol, which could’ve made him increasingly short-tempered. Investigators also seized a mix of pain and sleeping pills from Bales’ living quarters. With a history of pill popping, the unit’s medic refused to give Bales more than five days worth of Benadryl. Bales’ wife admitted that both her and her husband were on anti-depressants, “as is the rest of the army population….okay maybe not everyone. Just the ones that have been in for several years now, the ones who will actually admit when things are really screwed up.”

*In 2011, more than 110,000 Army personnel were given antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antispychotics and anti-anxiety drugs while on duty.