John Russell Houser – Lafayette movie theater shooting (2015)

July 27, 2015 by PsychDrugShooters

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John Russell Houser (Lafayette movie theater shooting, 2015) – sat in on a movie for 20 minutes at The Grand 16 theater in Lafayette, Louisiana on July 23 before opening fire and killing two young women who were sitting innocently in front of him, simply trying to enjoy a popular flick. Houser, 59, then aimed his gun at others, firing at least 13 times and injuring nine people. Seeing that officers had surrounded his get-away car, Houser turned the gun on himself.

Estranged from his family, Houser was reportedly a drifter who was staying at a hotel just a few miles away from the theater. A restraining order filed by his family in 2008 revealed a history of mental health issues including manic depression and bipolar disorder. A judge had Houser involuntarily committed to a hospital after he made violent threats against his daughter in an attempt to stop her wedding.